To design and create intelligent products that elevate people to make better decisions and master their domain using less time, space, and energy.

what we can do

Our core values are the basis for all of our decisions, actions, and focus. These values are the foundation of our business and company culture.

First Principles Approach

Before attempting to tackle a problem,  we break it down into its fundamental principles and then solve that and work your way up.

Lowering Entropy

In a world full of uncertainty, we try to build all of our products and services around the idea of reducing entropy, allowing people to think more freely.


Don’t be afraid to fail. If you do fail fast, recover, and keep innovating. We try to take bold steps in pushing the machine learning and AI sector forward.


Peter Guo

Co-founder, Algorithms

Leads our algorithm design and implementation, ensuring highly accurate models and outcomes.

Robert Mereau

Co-founder, Business

Leads our business development as well as our AI research and development initiatives.

Jack Williams


Leads our business operations, with a focus on strategy, sales, and customer relations.

Trent Gillham

Product & Tech

Leads our product development and ensures our technology aligns closely with business operations.


White Whale Analytics LTD is headquartered in Calgary, AB

221 10 Ave SE
Calgary AB T2G 0V9

221 10 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0V9, Canada


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