Elevating Businesses to Make Insightful, Data-Driven Decisions

We help businesses retrieve data quickly, make sense of the data, and visualize insights with ease.

Our Services

White Whale is able to restructure customer data sets into unique network structures, creating a unified model that provides solutions in multiple markets. This enables us to provide insights to our clients using predictive, simulative, and diagnostic capabilities.


Use our models to forecast trends and highlight potential patterns or issues.


Using affinity networks, we can run thousands of simulations to generate the best outcomes.


Understand why certain trends or outcomes occur, so that you can learn and adapt for the future.



For SAGD operations, a real time model is configured to predict fluid production for each well head based on input data measured on site.

The model is then used to sample all other possible operating conditions and solve for a single solution (out of billions of possibilities) that leads to the most efficient use of water and energy, or in other words, the best steam-to-oil-ratio. We are able to predict daily oil production at a 97.5 & to 99.9% accuracy rate with a baseline production increase of 2%.


  • Production forecast
  • Well models
  • Steam optimization
  • Subcool control
  • Issue classification

Health & Wellness

Within the Health and Wellness space, we offer the creation and implementation of operational workflows to increase member retention and company revenue.

Along with this, we provide a variety of unique, simple, and scalable solutions across both the private and public health and wellness sector.


  • Tailored membership experience
  • Program and scheduling optimization
  • Community impact evaluation
  • Data-driven customer initiatives


We can provide previously unknown insights for diagnosing and predicting maintenance events. These insights can then be referenced back with the OEM for further analysis and possible application. The end result is making air travel not only more efficient, but also safer.

Professional Sports

Within the professional sports industry, we are able to offer assistance to team operations to help them make more impactful decisions, such as scouting, drafting, line matchups, and game strategies.


  • Game simulation
  • Player ranking
  • Line optimization

Deep Sea

All-in-one machine learning and analytics platform.

Data Ingestion

Using our data service, you can connect to your databases or upload datasets into our system almost instantly.

Machine Learning

Our model services allows for easy integration of machine learning into your data analytics and visualization workflows.


Taking the output from models, datasets and other sources, you can visualize the data using our easy-to-use dashboard builder.

Our goal is to give average users the
capacity of a data scientist

Unstructured Data

Using our unified data store, you can find patterns between unstructured data sources and find insights that transcends a singular dataset .

Built in predictive algorithms

Our model services allows users to run built-in machine learning algorithms and upload and run their own custom models.

Collaboration made easy

Easily share resources with users across your organization and collaborate on shared dashboards.

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