Take your wellness center to the next level with advanced analytics and machine learning

what we can do

We offer the creation and implementation of operational workflows to optimize the membership experience, increase member retention, and maximize company revenue. Along with this, we provide a variety of unique, simple and scalable solutions across both the private and public health and wellness sector.

Membership Experience

Identifying member habits such as purchases and member activities to better tailor the club experience.

Program Optimization

Understand the relationships between various programs to increase membership retention and ensure allocation efficiencies.

Impact Evaluation

Using both internal and external sources of data, we can evaluate community and social impact in meaningful ways.

Target Initiatives

Developing strategies to understand customer behaviour and target certain demographics to help make key business decisions.


“The information and insights produced by White Whale have revolutionized the way the YMCA looks at data and makes fundamental business decisions. With the support from White Whale, we have adjusted business practices in a way that has allowed us to engage more people and ultimately increase our impact on health and wellness in the community.”


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